Friday, October 4, 2013

September outfits

Wai hallo thur.

The days are going by super fast lately. I cannot believe its October. Im very excited for this December because I'm going to Florida to visit David and his family yay! Everything is all set I just need to buy the ticket and thats all :) I should buy it sometime this month once I get my money all planned out. 
September was a good month for me. Everything flew by so fast but lots of good things happened.

Anyways I felt i should update my blog today yay

I bought some shoes back in September.
Wedges from forever21 ankle boots from Ebay.
Idk i guess i liked the white ones more in the picture and on the model rather than in person lol. They fit kind of big and like bulky and idk how i feel about them really. Its a shame cause I really like the design and the cut out of the heel. Meh I dont know what ill do with them cause I dont wanna wear them lol.

Here are some outfits in September and the beginning of October.

 Top/Belt: Joyce Leslie, Skirt: Wet Seal, Wedges/Necklace: Forever21
 Cardigan/thigh highs/belt: Joyce Leslie, Skirt:
 Cropped sweater: Joyce Leslie, High waisted pants:, Wedges: Forever21
 Sweater: Ebay, Leggings: Charlotte Russe, Wedges: Forever21
 Top, cardigan: Motherhood, Pants: Joyce leslie: Wedges: Forever21
 Dress: Joyce Leslie, Necklace/Wedges: Forever21
Dress: Ebay, Boots: Dreamv, Necklace: Burlington

I dont really have many exciting things to talk about. I dont shop much like I used to so nothing really to share. I dont go out with friends anymore so my blog is just boring I feel haha. Its just whatever I wore that day I take pictures. Thats all. I'm sorry <3

Take care.
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  1. I *love* your outfits. It feels like forever since I've seen you on my feed. </3
    Why are all your shoes amazing?
    Closet tour plz. (*w*)/

  2. Wow, you are gorgeous!
    Love all the outfits!

  3. Your outfits are nice but I don't mean to be rude is that your real hair? Its gorgeous

  4. Your taste in shoes is amazing! I especially love those white boots :O
    Haven't seen you around in ages, hope you are well bb!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  5. Cute outfits as always <3 I am still heaps jealous of your gorgeous body haha
    Will keep a lookout for your next set out outfits <3 Stay beautiful!

  6. I love those pleated pants~ and the galaxy sweater ♥♥♥
    Im supposed to go to Florida in November, but I get the feeling work will get in the way orz;;

  7. Love your style Followed <3


  8. Miss your awesome blog & instagram! Hope to see you online again one day! ♥

  9. wow! so many great outfits:) love your hair :)

    please visit me in free time:)


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