Saturday, September 21, 2013

New layout & instagram photos

Hi! Soo I figured I'd do an update tonight since I'm not doing anything lol. My boyfriend fell asleep on skype so I'm just sitting here creepily in the call >:D

I decide to change my blog layout since it's been a while lol
This time it's featuring GD yayyy
GD will now stare into your soul everytime you visit my page <3
This took me like 45 minutes once I decided what picture to use. I went with a black and white theme because I dont like much colors...really..
Also updated my about me and blog page.

I'll give you an instagram update. Some pictures I havnt uploaded yet lol.

 Crop top: Burlington Coat Factory, Shorts: Mandee, Heels:
Crop top: Ebay, Skirt: Joyce Leslie, Heelless wedges:
Kitty shirt: Forever21 brand from Ebay, Pants: Joyce Leslie, Heels:, Boots: Dreamv
Lmao dude i dont even know if exists anymore but that site was horrible. I had such a bad experience shopping from there they like almost scammed me wtf haha dont shop from there LOL.

  This look i created using a plum color and a dark brown. 
 I did this neutral eye look using my neutral palette from I pretty much do this eyelook everyday or my simple eyeliner (shown below).
 My typical thick liner and lashes
Same look as the second picture :)

I recently did a little online shopping

Black wedges and high waisted pants from Forever21.come and white platform boots are from
So excited for everything to arrive i should be getting the forever21 package tomorrow yay :)!

I have a cute video of Luna on my instagram (bunnybearxo) and you should really look at it!
also you can click this link to see it

I try to always take pictures and videos of her but she is very hard to photograph haha she never stays still and since she is all black you cant ever see her eyes.

Thats pretty much it lately. I havent been up to anything besides working my ass off, playing games and working out x.x Also been lurking on many youtubers playing GTA5 ....ugh I want to play hahah. 

Anyway going to sleep it's 2 am goodnight!


  1. Gahh, your new layout! OMGoodness! If I visited your blog a lot before, I'll be on it all the time, to drool over G.D(don't judge me lol) >.> Your pictures look lovely as always, but I really like the outfit with the cat shirt and blue jeans. It looks casual, but cute, which is my favourite way to dress! Also still love those boots from DreamV & that hi-low skirt(is that what they're called, that's what I always call them lol). Great to see you posting again and can't wait for more blogs!

    xx Alexis

  2. I love all your shoes! xx

  3. Give me your body, please ö__ö
    You're doing your eyebrows thinner now, right? I like that, you look much more friendly with it. (: <3
    Your design is cool, I like GD but I love Ayu more... hmmm~ still like it very much! :D

  4. Oo love the layout! haha GD is tempting me to get my belly tatted like that :(

    Love the outfits and you look stunning <3 So envious of your body!!

  5. Loving the new banner :D GTAV is pretty good, my boyfriend loves it so far. I wanna watch him play it when I come over next week.

  6. I really like your layout! (but I may be bias since I like GD so much XD) I recently changed my blog layout also~

    For some reason I can never watch videos on instagram. Maybe it's my phone ^^; I planned on buying GTA5, but I think I'll wait a bit longer, since I'm not in a rush to buy it. XD

  7. YES GD<3 haha
    Lovely shoes, I also need some new shoes.
    I just recently bought wedges but it's time to get some winter shoes :3

  8. Banny Babeeee you have legs for dayssss ! So long!
    SO glad you are blogging abit more now

  9. Beautifull pictures! And your Layout is just sooooo cool!!!! :)
    xoxo, Lea


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