Friday, October 4, 2013

September outfits

Wai hallo thur.

The days are going by super fast lately. I cannot believe its October. Im very excited for this December because I'm going to Florida to visit David and his family yay! Everything is all set I just need to buy the ticket and thats all :) I should buy it sometime this month once I get my money all planned out. 
September was a good month for me. Everything flew by so fast but lots of good things happened.

Anyways I felt i should update my blog today yay

I bought some shoes back in September.
Wedges from forever21 ankle boots from Ebay.
Idk i guess i liked the white ones more in the picture and on the model rather than in person lol. They fit kind of big and like bulky and idk how i feel about them really. Its a shame cause I really like the design and the cut out of the heel. Meh I dont know what ill do with them cause I dont wanna wear them lol.

Here are some outfits in September and the beginning of October.

 Top/Belt: Joyce Leslie, Skirt: Wet Seal, Wedges/Necklace: Forever21
 Cardigan/thigh highs/belt: Joyce Leslie, Skirt:
 Cropped sweater: Joyce Leslie, High waisted pants:, Wedges: Forever21
 Sweater: Ebay, Leggings: Charlotte Russe, Wedges: Forever21
 Top, cardigan: Motherhood, Pants: Joyce leslie: Wedges: Forever21
 Dress: Joyce Leslie, Necklace/Wedges: Forever21
Dress: Ebay, Boots: Dreamv, Necklace: Burlington

I dont really have many exciting things to talk about. I dont shop much like I used to so nothing really to share. I dont go out with friends anymore so my blog is just boring I feel haha. Its just whatever I wore that day I take pictures. Thats all. I'm sorry <3

Take care.
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

New layout & instagram photos

Hi! Soo I figured I'd do an update tonight since I'm not doing anything lol. My boyfriend fell asleep on skype so I'm just sitting here creepily in the call >:D

I decide to change my blog layout since it's been a while lol
This time it's featuring GD yayyy
GD will now stare into your soul everytime you visit my page <3
This took me like 45 minutes once I decided what picture to use. I went with a black and white theme because I dont like much colors...really..
Also updated my about me and blog page.

I'll give you an instagram update. Some pictures I havnt uploaded yet lol.

 Crop top: Burlington Coat Factory, Shorts: Mandee, Heels:
Crop top: Ebay, Skirt: Joyce Leslie, Heelless wedges:
Kitty shirt: Forever21 brand from Ebay, Pants: Joyce Leslie, Heels:, Boots: Dreamv
Lmao dude i dont even know if exists anymore but that site was horrible. I had such a bad experience shopping from there they like almost scammed me wtf haha dont shop from there LOL.

  This look i created using a plum color and a dark brown. 
 I did this neutral eye look using my neutral palette from I pretty much do this eyelook everyday or my simple eyeliner (shown below).
 My typical thick liner and lashes
Same look as the second picture :)

I recently did a little online shopping

Black wedges and high waisted pants from Forever21.come and white platform boots are from
So excited for everything to arrive i should be getting the forever21 package tomorrow yay :)!

I have a cute video of Luna on my instagram (bunnybearxo) and you should really look at it!
also you can click this link to see it

I try to always take pictures and videos of her but she is very hard to photograph haha she never stays still and since she is all black you cant ever see her eyes.

Thats pretty much it lately. I havent been up to anything besides working my ass off, playing games and working out x.x Also been lurking on many youtubers playing GTA5 ....ugh I want to play hahah. 

Anyway going to sleep it's 2 am goodnight!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

♥ BhCosmetics Haul ♥

Hello :)
I just wanted to share with you guys my BhCosmetics Haul that came in the mail yesterday. You can check my previous post for links to all items and to see the prices.

I really do recommend you check out and get on their email list because they are ALWAYS having sales/deals. Their make up is affordable and good quality.

I havent used anything yet but i may do reviews on certain items if you guys want.
First thing is the 12 piece brush kit
 Comes in a cute clutch bag making it easy to travel with. 
 Brushes included 

Picture from

I have to say im really impressed with these brushes. They are all so soft and pretty. I kind of didnt want to use them cause they are white and pink but oh well. I think this is a good set for beginners and advance make up users. It basically has every brush you need for your entire face. Some brushes can be used as concealer brushes as well. 

The next things I got were make up brush cleaner and make up remover wipes.
Since I havent used these I cant say if its worth it or not. Im mostly curious about the brush cleaner though cause my old brushes are so gross haha.
28 Color Neutral Palette
 As i said in my last post, I'm not really into bright colors for eyemake up anymore. Or i'm just lazy haha. I much rather have a clean neutral face and pink lips. So i figured this palette is perfect for that. I also think this is good for beginners at make up.
Theres a good mix of highlights, mattes and shimmer shades which i really like. Im really excited to use this and see what looks I can come up with. I might do a review on this showing different looks I create :o

Liquid Foundation in Hazelnut and Jumbo Concealer Pencil in Olive
Its really rare that I try new foundations and concealers. I'm so stuck on Maybelline products that I never give anything else a try haha. I did a swatch test on these and the concealer blended perfectly on my skin and I was worried it was going to be a bit light but it wasnt. The foundation at first looked so orange omg! I was so shocked but once blended it went really well with my skin. You only need a LITTLE pump seriously and I like that so i'm not wasting product. I dont ever use a lot of foundation anyway. I usually just put a dot on my cheeks, forehead, chin and nose and thats all i need for my entire face. Or ill just wear concealer and powder. I just dont like wearing heavy face make up especially in the summer time. 
Pencil Sharpener, Automatic Eyebrow Pencils in Black and Dark Brunette and Gel Liner in Onyx
 Basically just needed another pencil sharpener since i broke my last one by nyx lmao. Decided to also pick up a black gel liner since I only use gel liner so why not add another to my collection :D
The eyebrow pencils I really needed because im running out of my brown pencil and im too lazy to go to the store haha. So i bought these two since I use brown on the inner part and black on the 'tail part'. When i swatched these they were super soft and creamy and very light. I really love the fact its automatic and that the tip is like on a slant which is like using an angled eyeliner brush. 

And thats all :D
Ill probably update this weekend on some outfits I wore and also I wanted to do a fitness post :o!!
So look out for that :) 
Hope you all have a great day!
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